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Liceul Tehnologic Francisc Neuman ( is a technical school founded in 1948. Beginning with 01.09.2017, the county school network has been reorganized and our school “absorbed” the ,,Stefan Cicio Pop” Gymnasium whose students are in large majority belonging to the Roma community- 160 students 

The challenge given by the primary classes and gymnasium included in the structure of our organization determines us to readapt, to improve and to understand diversity under its different forms.

There are 460 students in highschool and professional school who are prepared for a globalised European labor market and 189 students in Gymnasium and primary school.

We have 60 teachers whose competences and skills offer a solid training; classrooms, laboratories, workshops, library, offering a rich learning environment. The main priorities of our development plan are the use of ICT in teaching, short and long term prevention of school leaving, partnerships with European organisations in the domaine of education, equal oportunities for all students, good insertion on the labor market, improvement of learning results, socio-cultural inclusion of Roma students.

Inclusion at Liceul Tehnologic Francisc Neuman means to personalise the learning design and activities according to the needs of each child and involves: equal valorisation of all students, lowering the barriers to learning and participation, tackling the differences between students more that a resource that supports learning than a problem to be solved. It also means to organize a lot of extraschool and extracurricular activities, in order to shape beliefs, understandings, attitudes, norms and habits.

Beside compulsory subjects, students take part in extraschool and extracurricular activities, in diverse projects, shaping beliefs, understandings, attitudes, norms and habits. There are used strategies to prevent school exclusion, models of curricular adaptations, personal intervention plans, diverse educational resources. Vocational counselling and guidance are offered to students and their parents to avoid difficulties of integration and adaptation to school and work, both in regard to the required expertise, both in relation to the motivational and relational aspects . Teachers have been using their ICT skills during study process and have improved their digital skills locally.Some teachers use Edmodo platform, but because of the COVID pandemy all tyeachers were forced to learn and use GSuite for their online teaching activity.Every teacher needs to keep his/her practice under constant, critical review and adjust it in the light of students’ outcomes. Education quality deserves instant attention so that improvements in educational outcomes effectively translate into greater career prospects for young graduates.

Teachers are motivated to share their experience and to learn from European experience.

Since 2003 we have a large experience in European projects such as LdV IVT, LdV VETPRO, Arion, Comenius,Erasmus+ mobilities and partnerships having as main objectives: development of competences and skills for the labormarket, encouraging entrepreneurship, intercultural dialogue, diversity and multiculturality, developing personalcompetences and team work, councelling and guidance, methods of teaching and learning, nonformal education,interactive tools, equality of chances, valorization of parents’ involvement.As a result of the involvement and participation in European projects the school policy is oriented towards collaborative initiatives, improvement of the school ethos and the placement of our school in a multicultural zone (border, nationalities, etc.) constitutes a premise for a good international collaboration.The development of an European dimension of the training activity and of a proper organisational culture represents an important objective of our school. Therefore an effective learning environment, cooperative learning, implementation of inclusive practices, promotion of a positive school‐wide climate confere the team (teachers, school psychologist and students) a sense of belonging, pride, and responsibility.

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