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In Romania, as in other European countries, according to the Eurydice Report, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the EU. EC / EACEA / Eurydice, 2018 “Teachers’ careers in Europe: access, progress and support”. the current challenges facing the teaching profession are many. The expectations of different social categories towards teachers have diversified. As a result, teachers must respond to all these challenges. In addition, developments in the field of educational sciences and new technologies call for new approaches of teaching, with effects on the diversification of teachers’ roles, by shifting the focus from the transmission of information to the facilitation and support of learning. As the profile of the current generation of students is that of digital natives, it is essential that the teacher comes to meet them with attractive resources, adapted to their real needs and knowledge interests. One common need of the partnership is the knowledge by the students from the partnership countries of the existing legends and myths at local and national level. Legends and myths are part of the cultural heritage of all participating countries. Depending on the area where they were born, different legends and myths have different patterns and focus on another part of human existence. In them other worlds are highlighted, and the differences in mentality are amazing. These legends came to us because they meant something to people, they clung to their hearts and fascinated them. Mythology nowadays instills moral values in the mind of a child that he understands, unimportant things for the student at the moment, but when he grows up he will not reject reading, he will not look at it as a nuisance. Mythology makes known another way of living, of thinking, it is a cultural experience, but also a personal one, opens minds. The stories created based on legends and myths from the partners’ culture will be shared with the other students participating in the project activities, so that they will be known at European level. Therefore the general objective of the project is to develop reading and digital literacy skills and creativity of students through legends and myths.

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Legends And Myths